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Exec Blog - July 2015

Somehow, we are already at the end of July!

If you're like me and have a course contract coming to a close, you are indoors studying more often than you would like! I'm looking forward to finishing up PHIL252 and spending a bit more time outside in August while I start tackling MKTG396 and LGST369. I have always enjoyed the freedom of being an AU student. Learning and studying on my own terms is my favorite part about attending Athabasca University.

I hope that you are all enjoying everything that summer has to offer. Perhaps, amidst all of your summer studying and sun catching; you might consider running in the upcoming AUSU By-Election! Nominations are currently open, and full details on the nomination and election process may be found here.

The best part of being a councillor at AUSU is the opportunity to make such a large difference in your University community. As a councillor, you have the ability to create policies and vote on motions for AUSU. You also may participate on committees both internally and with AU. Councillors need only commit a few hours each week to make a difference!

In addition, both the Vice President, External and Student Affairs and Vice President, Finance and Administration positions will be up for grabs in September. Holding an executive position at AUSU is an amazing opportunity. Executives may represent AUSU to external organizations, sit on the AU Board of Governors and attend many meetings with University faculty and staff. While some executive hours can be flexible, many mandatory meetings occur during business hours at AU.

With 6 seats to be filled in the August by-election, there will be many new faces coming onto AUSU Council! I urge members to get involved and put your name on the ballot! I would be happy to answer any questions related to the upcoming by-election, or anything else! Please contact me anytime at

Have a great summer!

Shawna Wasylyshyn
AUSU President

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Student Health & Dental Plan

For the Benefit of those that Depend on Us

What's Covered?

Ambulance * Prescription Drugs * Health Practitioners * Dental Accidental * Medical Equipment & Supplies * Dental * Tutorial

Am I Eligible?

Students become eligible once they have reached their second course (or 6 credits) in a year. Coverage will start on the 1st of the month following your enrolment if you register before the 10th of the month.
If you register later in the month, coverage will start the 1st of the second month.
If you opt out of the plan it will not be offered again for 11 months, should you continue to qualify.

Note: Students must reside in Canada and be under the age of 70 to be eligible.

How do I Access the Plan?

Use your myBenefits Cards to submit claims at the Pharmacy, Dental Office and Health Practitioners. Download your card today at

Submit your claims online or via mobile app with Great-West LifeGroupNet available for free for Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

For full details visit:

For detailed opt in/opt out instructions, please click here.

Health Insurance FAQ