Exec Blog: November 2014

If you have been following our blog entries you will know that this is the third installment from our current executive team. You will also notice that it is late!

AUSU’s team changed at the end of October and as a result we have been in stabilization mode. As a result, things like this blog have had to take the back burner, while we were ensuring that services to our members went uninterrupted.

We currently are back to running as we were before. The only exception to that is Jason Nixon, our current President is also filling the Executive Director role. He will continue to fill this role while we start the process of deciding what direction we want AUSU to take and what structure will best represent AUSU’s needs into the future.

What does change mean? What does it do to propel organizations forward? Why are people so reluctant to change? Should change be looked at as opportunity? These questions and many more come forward when change is in the air! They are very difficult ones to answer.

The fundamental nature of change is a movement from the current state to a future state. It makes us become different and presses us out of our comfort zone. Change is a necessary element of growth and life. If we change, we grow. If we do not change, we do not grow. We become stagnant. Change is all around us. My personal belief is that change can be an amazing catalyst for great things as long as we embrace it!

AUSU is taking this opportunity to recognize our strengths and our weaknesses and to use this time to restructure our working team. We want to use the opportunity given to us to make sure that it is done right so that AUSU is poised to grow and be able to provide even better services to our members, which is ultimately why every one of us is here!

We hope that you will follow along with us during this transitional phase and as always we encourage you to send in any comments/suggestions to any member of the executive group. We welcome any and all feedback while we brainstorm what the best AUSU looks like moving forward!

Corrina Green
Vice-President Finance and Administration