AUSU 2015 By-Election

The votes are in for the 2015 AUSU by-election!

We would like to thank all the members who participated in the election, either by running as a candidate or by voting – we are excited to see so many members get involved in AUSU. This election had a record-breaking number of votes, totalling 1,580 votes. The ballot was sent to just over 25,000 AUSU members, which means over 6% of the membership voted, compared to past elections that typically had less than 1% of the membership vote. Thanks for voicing your choices for council, AUSU Members!

Vote Tally

The following is a list of the candidates and their vote tally, as taken directly from the Simply Voting system. The top 6 candidates will become the new AUSU Council members.

Colleen Doucette 722 (12.2%)
Tamra Ross 630 (10.6%)
Brandon Simmons 553 (9.3%)
Philip Kirkbride 489 (8.3%)
Laura Zhu 476 (8.0%)
Pierre Plamondon 468 (7.9%)
Wendy Elaine John-Haggarty 461 (7.8%)
Sheldon Fougere 459 (7.8%)
Tegan Paige Davidson 420 (7.1%)
Catherine Manten 415 (7.0%)
Madeline Hudson Mogk 414 (7.0%)
Taneisha Jordan Mckenzie 410 (6.9%)

Congratulations to the successful candidates – Colleen, Tamra, Brandon, Philip, Laura, and Pierre!

To view the certified election results from the Simply Voting system, you can download it here (PDF file). AUSU members can also view the results directly in the Simply Voting system by following the link on the ballot email that was sent to them. You can also view the official report from the election CRO here (PDF file).

Make note, the elections process and conduct is outlined in our Election Policy 3.01 – Election Conduct (PDF file). Any appeals must be received by the Chief Returning Officer at [email protected] by September 2, 2015.

AUSU Executive Officer Election

AUSU currently has two vacant Executive Officer positions: VP External and VP Finance & Administration. The council will elect these positions from amongst themselves during the September 9, 2015 Council Meeting (5:30pm MDT), in accordance with AUSU Policy 3.02 (PDF file). All AUSU members are welcome to attend the meeting (although make note, only council members have a vote in the executive election).

To RSVP for the council meeting, email [email protected].

Welcome New 2015 Council Members