Exec Blog: February 2016

At our most recent public Council meeting, some significant motions were passed regarding the Bylaws of AUSU.

In 2015, we received an opinion from our lawyer about the legality of the amendment process for our bylaws.  This started a long process of research, consultation and more research about how we could remedy the situation to ensure we were in compliance with the Post Secondary Learning Act of Alberta.  The biggest question was – how do you amend the part of the bylaws that say how you can amend them?  It was a bit of a “chicken or the egg” conversation!

After research was conducted by different members of the Executive team, I wrote a proposal for amendments and brought it to Council on February 11.  I am SO proud to say that it was passed unanimously!

At this point, we have begun to enact the process of bylaw amendment; using our proposed new process which can be found in detail here.

The first reading of the bylaw amendment will take place at the public AUSU council meeting on March 10.  Notice of this motion for amendment was sent to AUSU members on February 18, and consultations have been scheduled.  The first membership consultation will take place in an online forum here.  There will also be two teleconference opportunities for consultation on the matter, one on February 24 at 4pm MST, and one on February 27 at 11am MST. For details or to RSVP please contact [email protected].

This is a significant amendment and I am looking forward to the consultative process.  The project is near and dear to my heart as I was involved from the outset and wrote the final proposed process.  I am most proud to say that this proposed process is more consultative and more detailed than any other organization governed by the PSLA of Alberta.  I hope that the adoption of this amendment process will show AUSU’s commitment to inclusion and respect for our membership.  This is one of many projects that AUSU has successfully undertaken over the last year to strengthen our organization and I look forward to hearing from many of you during the consultation!!

Shawna Wasylyshyn
AUSU President