Treasure Hunting with AUSU

Want to go treasure hunting? AUSU is diving into the world of geocaching and we will provide members with a FREE cache-ready box. Hide your very own geocaches filled with AUSU swag or search for fellow members’ caches!

To request your FREE geocache box, simply send us an email at [email protected] with your geocache username and your AU student ID number. If you don’t have a geocache account, visit

Once we have confirmed your AUSU membership status, we will send you a completely cache-ready box filled with great stuff, for free! Once you get your cache box and you’ve gone ahead and cached it, send us the coordinates, we’ll promote it for you, and then people will start looking for it!

Make note, there are some rules and guidelines for geocaching that you have to be aware of, especially if you’ve never geocached before. Visit this website for the legalities that you need to know about geocaching. For more information about what geocaching is, visit this website. And anytime you geocache, be sure to stay safe!

Direct any questions to [email protected].

geocaching with AUSU