AUSU’s Ad-Hoc Committees Successfully Completed!

AUSU recently formed two different ad-hoc committees to compile research and provide reports to council. The committees both successfully completed their final reports and submitted them to council during the March 10, 2016 council meeting. Both reports are on our website here.

The first committee was an ad-hoc Forensic Audit Recommendation Committee, put together in response to a motion raised at the 2015 Annual General Meeting. The committee consisted of 4 council members, the AUSU executive director (non-voting), and a volunteer member-at-large, Carolin van Voorst as Committee Chair. The goal of the committee was to study the issue of a forensic audit raised at the AGM, and to make recommendations to council to ensure the best interests of both AUSU and its members are served. The committee did extensive research considering many variables, including member consultations with those present at the 2015 AGM. They put together a detailed report, which includes the goals of the committee, the findings of their research on numerous topics, and thirteen recommendations to council.

As a result of the committee report, council passed a motion to put all of the committee recommendations on the 2015-2016 goals list to ensure implementation by the end of the 2015/2016 fiscal year.

You can view the Forensic Audit Recommendation Committee Report here.

The second committee was an ad-hoc Executive Compensation Review Committee, put together partially in response to a motion raised at the 2015 Annual General Meeting, as well as research completed by AUSU staff and council. The committee consisted of 3 councillors, 1 executive (non-voting), the AUSU executive director (non-voting), and volunteer member-at-large Scott Jacobsen. The goal of the committee was to ensure a fair compensation package for AUSU executives, as well as to ensure a fair, consistent, and transparent process of review for the executive compensation and benefits. The committee completed extensive research and put together a detailed report with their recommendations to council.

As a result of the committee recommendations, council also passed a motion to accept changes to AUSU Policy 2.15 Council Governance – Executive Accountability and Compensation, which lowered the honorarium for the President and VP positions to $ $38,221.27 and $32,761.23 per year, respectively, for the incoming executive.

You can view the Executive Compensation Review Committee Report here.

AUSU would like to thank the volunteer members for their time and dedication to these committees!

If you have any questions about either of these reports, please contact [email protected].

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