Get Involved, Join a Committee!

Apply Now to sit on the Joint Council / Voice Action Plan Committee!

AUSU is looking for volunteers to join a new temporary ad hoc committee! The goal of this committee is to create an action plan for The Voice Magazine. The committee will work over the summer (July/August) with the goal of presenting their action plan report to council in mid-September.

This is a great opportunity to get more involved with your Students’ Union, and will provide valuable experience working on a non-profit committee! You will also receive an honorarium of $50 per month of committee work as per policy 2.07.

The committee meetings will all be by teleconference and work can be completed online and by email, so you can apply no matter where you liveThere will be teleconference meetings every one to two weeks (lasting one to two hours) until the committee work is completed, and committee members should expect to spend approximately three to five hours per week on asynchronous tasks.


Apply here for the following committee seats:

  • 1 to 2 Members who currently read The Voice
  • 1 to 2 Members who DO NOT currently read The Voice

What is The Voice?

The Voice Magazine is the official publication of the students of Athabasca University, funded by AUSU. It is composed of articles created by AU students & guest writers to share news, ideas, opinions and valuable insights. Find out more on our website here.

What is the Purpose of this Committee?

AUSU is dedicated to supporting The Voice Magazine as an important member service and form of communication of AUSU. In support of The Voice, AUSU put a goal on the 2015/2016 Goals List to work collaboratively with The Voice to help create a meaningful action plan to improve the publication and increase readership. AUSU decided the best way to achieve this goal is to create a Joint Council/Voice Action Plan Committee!

The primary objectives of the committee will be:

  • to create a meaningful action plan to improve The Voice’s relevance and accessibility to the membership of AUSU and to increase its readership;
  • to make recommendations on how AUSU council can support the implementation of the action plan through non-financial resources; and
  • to develop a procedure to review and reassess the action plan on a regular basis, including but not limited to:
    • meetings between representatives of The Voice and AUSU council to discuss the successes and challenges at defined points in the action plan; and
    • identifying potential ideas where AUSU council can help with the identified challenges.

Additional objectives of the committee will be:

  • to review and make recommendations for the various governing documents of The Voice including, mission, mandate and the Voice/Council autonomy agreement; and
  • to review and make recommendations on the roles and responsibilities of the managing editor and editor in chief of The Voice.

You can review the complete terms of reference for this committee online here.

Committee Seats

The committee will be comprised of the following:

  1. the editor in chief, as ex-officio voting member (Sarah Cornett);
  2. the managing editor, as ex-officio voting member (Karl Low);
  3. one AUSU councillor (Scott Jacobsen);
  4. one AUSU member who is a regular contributor to The Voice, and who is not one of the above committee members (to be appointed by the Editor);
  5. one or two AUSU members who are recent regular readers of The Voice, and who are not one of the above committee members; and
  6. one or two AUSU members who are not recent regular readers of The Voice, and who are not one of the above committee members.

We need volunteers for the last two categories of committee seats! 

Apply here or email with any questions.

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