September Executive Blog

Happy September!!!

If you have children, I am sure your house has been filled with lots of activity and excitement this week as summer vacation ends and the new school year begins.  If you are like me, you are probably feeling a sense of relief that order will (hopefully) be restored in your household and that the predictability of the school year routine will soon set in.

But, if you are an AU student, you may not follow a traditional semester and you may not have had a traditional summer break.  That’s why I love AU!  It can fit into everyone’s schedule.

For myself, I would love to tell you how I worked hard all summer and completed numerous courses with top marks.  But, that’s not what happened.  I trucked along at my normal pace, with the motto that slow and steady gets the grades.

As an AUSU executive councillor, summer is an exciting time for different reasons.  It’s the wrap up of the current year goals list, and the proposal of next year’s goals list.  AUSU has been very successful in achieving their goals this past year, including increased efforts in advocacy, collaboration with stakeholders, enhanced communication, and promotion of services to members.  It looks like AUSU will continue efforts in these areas with the new 2016-2017 proposed goals list that will be voted on at the September 13 council meeting.

On top of all this, AUSU is holding a by-election to fill 2 vacant council seats for the remainder of the 2016-2018 term, and it is my pleasure to tell you how great it is to be an AUSU councillor!

First, this is a really exciting time at AUSU.  Council and staff have accomplished a lot in the past year.  As I mentioned above, AUSU has achieved goals relating to advocacy, communication and services to members.  There is more work to do and it is a great feeling to be part of the brainstorming, planning and implementation process.

Second, it’s a great learning experience.  I’ve been a part of various committees, councils and unions in the past outside of AUSU, but I have to say that AUSU is definitely a unique experience.  The small group provides opportunities to learn about governance, sit on various committees, and gain skills in finance, communication, advocacy, policy review, and more.

Third, you get to give back to the AU community. Since AU is a distance university, there are few opportunities to interact with other students, or be a part of a group.  Being an AUSU councillor provides this, plus the added opportunity to represent other members similar to you.  AU students are very diverse and AUSU council should also be diverse.

By-Election Sticker_2016-SmallLastly, you will get to work with an awesome group of people!  The current councillors are passionate and dedicated to making AUSU better and listening to what members want.  The AUSU staff are skilled and supportive, always going above and beyond in the best interests of the membership.

So, if you are interested in what AUSU is up to, attend our council meeting by teleconference on September 13 to find out more (details here).  If I have been successful in convincing you what a great idea it is to be part of AUSU council, then submit your nomination (details here)!!  I look forward to working with you.


Kim Newsome
VP Finance and Administration