AUSU Council and Staff Fun Facts!

AUSU currently has 8 councillors and 4 staff members. Here are some fun facts about the people who represent you!

AGE: The average age of AUSU staff and council is 34.
Four are between 21-29, five are between 30-39, and three are over 40.

Alberta (Calgary, Edmonton, St. Albert, Duffield)
British Columbia (Fort Langley, Prince George)
Ontario (Ridgeway)
Nova Scotia (Barton)

Children: 17
Dogs: 5
Cats:  6
Birds: 1
Guinea Pigs: 2
Rabbits: 2
Lizards: 1
Fish: 37 (15 in our office!)

AU Courses Completed: 196;
AU Courses in Progress: 16

PROGRAMS: 9 out of 13 are currently enrolled in a program at AU, including the Accounting Certificate, Bachelor of Commerce (x3 – Accounting, Business Management, and General Majors), Bachelor of Professional Arts (Criminal Justice), Bachelor of Management, General Studies, Human Resource Management Certificate, 

CREDENTIALS: AUSU Staff and council have numerous credentials from AU and other institutions, including: Administrative Assistant Diploma, Associate Degree in Audio Engineering, Bachelor’s Degree in English (x2), Bachelor of Applied Science in Geological Engineering, Business Planning Coach Certificate, Certified Associate in Project Management, Certified Association Executive, Certified Professional Bookkeeper Designation, Child and Youth Care Diploma, Management Diploma, Music Diploma, Ontario Land Surveyor designation, Police Foundations Diploma, Social Media Marketing Certificate (x2),  

OTHER: 14 piercings and 7 tattoos

Find out more about the AUSU council and staff on our website here.