Bursaries Available!

Having trouble making ends meet? AUSU has numerous bursaries that are available year-round to AUSU members in financial need.

Computer Bursary – Do you need a new computer to do your AU studies, but cannot afford one? The AUSU Computer Bursary provides students in need with brand new laptops! AUSU buys the computers directly (worth up to $800 each) and has them delivered to the bursary recipients.

Emergency Bursary – Do you need a supplemental exam or course extension due to unforeseen circumstances? AUSU’s Emergency Bursary can pay the fees for those students in financial need! AUSU pays the university directly for approved applications.

Health Care Bursary – Need a health care plan but cannot afford it? AUSU’s Health Care Bursary can provide up to $1000 towards a health care plan for student’s in need! Applicants must provide a quote or proof of enrollment for a health care plan to apply.

Travel Bursary – Need to travel for an AU course, conference, exam, practicum, or lab, but don’t have the funds? AUSU’s Travel Bursary can pay for up to $1000 worth of travel & accommodation costs! AUSU pay the travel costs directly to the service provider.

Find out more about these bursaries or apply online here.

2 replies on “Bursaries Available!”

How do I apply for a computer bursary? When are you notified if you receive the bursary? Who chooses who receives the bursary? Thank you!

You can apply for the bursary on our website here. Decisions are made within 1-2 weeks, and applicants will be notified of the decision whether or not their application is successful. Decisions are made by the AUSU Awards Committee, which is composed of 5 elected councillors, including at least one executive. You can read more about the awards process in our awards policy here.