AUSU wants to get results for you! #AUGoals

Are there things you would like to see Athabasca University do differently for students, or goals you feel they should pursue?

Do you have ideas for topics you would like your AU Students’ Union to advocate to AU for?

AUSU wants to hear from you about your advocacy priorities for AU!

How to send us your ideas:

  • Email ideas to
  • Text ideas to 780-900-0908
  • Post ideas to social media with the hashtag #AUGoals

The deadline to respond is April 1, 2017.

In the past year, AUSU has advocated on behalf of students for improved communications from AU, removal of retroactive program changes, revisions to the academic misconduct policy, e-text choice and cost-savings sharing, shorter marking times, improved contact with tutors and academic experts, and more. To read more about our most recent advocacy efforts, visit our website here.

To form our advocacy goals for the upcoming year, we need feedback from our membership!

Here are some examples of ideas we have received from students like you!

  • Tired of staring at my screen all day because of etext.  Wish I could choose a real textbook #AUGoals.
  • Loving the flexibility with AU exam options. Looking forward to seeing what is next. #AUgoals
  • It would be great if my tutor ever got back to me. #AUGoals
  • I wish all my courses looked the same in moodle. #AUGoals.

Make your voice heard. Drop us a line, or a text, or a tweet, and AUSU will bring your feedback to AU! 

One reply on “AUSU wants to get results for you! #AUGoals”

I would love a way to communicate with my tutor that isn’t the completely broken support center. I lost a month of course time because there was a technical issue and my tutor thought he replied to me and did not. Why are there not chat based office hours?