CASA 2017 Annual General Meeting

AUSU’s VP External and Student Affairs, Julian Teterenko, recently returned from the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Alliance of Students’ Associations (CASA), which was held in Halifax. The AGM was centered on proposals designed to increase CASA’s advocacy reach, expand its public facing policy solutions, and reform its internal workings.

A few highlights include:

  • Successful vote to approve a partnership with UEQ (Union etudiante du Quebec) to represent shared interests to the federal government.
  • Approval for an Alumni Council filled with ex-delegates and staff members to help advise CASA’s membership.
  • Approval of the creation of a Member Relations Committee responsible for overseeing and improving the quality of relations CASA has with its members.
  • Approval of a process for CASA’s members to propose and approve advocacy campaigns.
  • Approval of numerous policy papers which will be publicly released over the next several months.
  • Numerous policy amendments.
  • End-of-year awards.


CASA delegates also received numerous reports and passed a balanced 2018 budget. In addition, CASA’s held its first “Build-a-Foundations” activity during which outgoing delegates made recommendations for CASA’s 2017 Foundations Conference schedule.

AUSU is proud to be a continuing member of CASA, which helps AU students have a voice at the national level.

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