B.C. Wildfire Support

Our hearts go out to all those are affected by the wildfires blazing in British Columbia. It is a devastating tragedy – more than 230 fires are burning, over 400 square kilometres of land has been scorched, and more than 14,000 people have been forced from their homes¹.

We want you to know that AU and AUSU have numerous contingencies and supports in place to help students that have been effected.

Course Assistance

For any AU students who have been evacuated from their homes, AU is offering:

  • Free course extensions
  • Free exam rebooking
  • Replacement course materials
  • Free late course withdrawals.

Find out more information about this, visit the AU website here or call them at 1-800-788-9041.

Financial Aid

AU offers a Natural Disaster Bursary to assist students affected so they can continue their studies uninterrupted.

AUSU offers an Emergency Bursary to help pay for course extensions and supplemental exams for students in need.

Personal Support

AUSU’s free Student Lifeline service is there to help any members in need. This includes 24/7 support, free short-term counselling, community resources, and many other resources to assist you. Call 1-877-418-1537 to talk to someone anytime.


If you wish to donate to Red Cross disaster relief funding for residents please visit their website here.


¹The Canadian Press and Globe Staff. (2017, July 11). B.C. wildfires: The damage so far, and how you can help. Retrieved from