September Executive Blog

September is here, and so with it the Fall. At AU, there is 12 months of intake, so this is not necessarily a new time for all of you. But these are the ending times of the year, and time for celebration if you’re finishing your course(s) or starting one.

There has been a lot going on in the month of August, and most likely for September. For my own schedule, I have been busy with meetings for AU and for AUSU. But I even managed to sign up for some courses too, so if you’re in courses this round, then I am with you (and feel your excitement!).

At AUSU, there’s been a lot ongoing. The big thing happening for AUSU has been our proposed bylaw revisions and the consultations involved in those. If you look at the revisions, the main changes include an increase from 9 to 13 councillors, revisions to the sections on the membership fees and The Voice Magazine, an addition outlining the responsibilities of the executive director, signing authority regulations, and the addition of a strategic plan of AUSU. These are all vital component for the creation of a thriving students’ union at Athabasca University. You can read more about the bylaw changes online here.

It is important to note that we have had one public consultation for the Bylaws Revision Consultation on September 6. We will be having another on September 19 at 6:00 pm MT. The teleconference instructions are available online here. I hope to see you there! You can also comment on the bylaw forum here.

It is important to take part in the activities with the AU students’ union, because I feel as though the distance nature of the institution can leave us all feeling a bit disparate at times, even alone. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s not some law of nature. As I think about the upcoming month and the courses, I am reminded of the resources that AUSU offers and our great community. It’s all there, and simply a matter of coming to the plate with a bat.

We have The Voice Magazine for topics of interest for AU students. If you’re ever having a difficult time in terms of stress and wellness, we have the Student LifeLine. If you want to talk to other students and gain access to other services, you can download the AU student mobile app. It is a great resource to connect and comment with other students. Be mobile!

Other services offered by AUSU can help you make the most of your AU experience, such as our awards and bursaries, eyewear discounts, online learning opportunities though, and resources for career development.  We’re here to help you because we represent you. Part of that is finding out what matters most to you as an AUSU member and AU student.

September is the time of fall, but it is also a period of starting anew in courses. It is a time to refresh and to reload – plus, we’ll all have lots more inside time to study as the weather gets less sunny.

And, of course, I’ll be right there studying alongside, and working for, you.

Scott Jacobsen
VP Finance and Administration