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First off, what is The Voice Magazine you ask? The Voice is the official student publication of Athabasca University, funded by the AU Students’ Union. It is chalk full of news, views, interviews, reviews, and more, written BY AU students, FOR AU students. And it just got a makeover!

Last year, AUSU started a joint Voice/AUSU committee to look at what improvements would help bring The Voice Magazine forward into the future with more relevance and appeal for AU students. It has been a long road, but we are pleased to announce the new Voice site is now up and running with a new look, new logo, and a better layout.

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New Voice Website Features

Modern Look – The first thing you are likely to notice is a more modern look! The website has great visual appeal with lots of pictures and a clean layout.

Navigation – The site was designed to have familiar and simpler navigation. The featured content and most current stories can be accessed from the homepage. From inside any story you can get to the rest of the content of the current issue!

Mobile Friendly – The new site will automatically adapt for whatever device you choose to use it on.  Whether at your desk, on your tablet, or even just on your phone, you’ll get a clean presentation that makes it easy to read where-ever you are and whenever you want.

Daily Articles – The new site lets us publish new stories every day, instead of only weekly. Now you’ll have a great reason to visit The Voice Magazine more frequently!

Forums –  The new site features a forum below each article so you can have your say! Have a comment on an article? Get into discussions with fellow students about it!

Archives – The new site also makes it easier to dig through the decades of archived stories available.  Find a topic that sparks your interest? Dig deep and see what else students have said about it in the past.

Social Media Sharing – Make use of our now always present social media icons to share stories with your friends and bring them into the conversation!

Writer Biographies – If you’ve been wondering who is bringing you all the great content on The Voice website, you’ll love our new bios.  Each author has their own bio, and finding everything they’ve written for The Voice Magazine is just a click of their name away.

New Logo – The Voice rebranding comes with a sleek new logo to align itself more with Athabasca University and the AU Students’ Union.

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