Tuition Freeze

A recent announcement from the Government of Alberta has extended the current tuition freeze in this province through the 2018-2019 academic year.

This decision will directly benefit AU students residing in Alberta; as it means that domestic tuition will remain stable for another year and that the provincial government has made affordable and accessible education for post-secondary students a priority.

AUSU is pleased to see that the government is prioritizing students here in Alberta, but we are concerned about the impact of an Alberta tuition freeze for AU students who reside outside of this province.  Additionally, while the announcement has pledged up to $17million in backfill funding to institutions, student services and educational quality are at risk when revenue is limited.

Currently, AU receives the lowest amount of provincial grant funding per full-time equivalent student in the province, and needs a new government funding model to ensure its sustainability.  AUSU has participated to the fullest extent possible in government consultations on both the Alberta Tuition and Fee review and the Alberta Post-Secondary Funding Model Review.  We remain confident that the results of both will result in a long term, sustainable solution for our students and our university.