Brandon Simmons

Location: Duffield, AB

Check out my campaign video on YouTube here

Throughout my life I have been highly involved in my communities.  I have served on local boards, ran for municipal council, and started a charity to support the Alberta flood recovery efforts.  Along with my passion for community I bring to council a strong business background especially in the areas of governance and accounting.  I have worked as a public accountant, placed third in the CPA board governance competition, and founded a business consulting company.  Currently I serve as the AUSU VPFA and I have also served as VPEX in the past. My goal is to remain highly engaged with AUSU members, so I can truly represent you and be your voice on council. When I started at AU my wife was pregnant with our first child. Since then I have studied full time on student loans, part time while self-funding my education, and soon I will have four kids.  My AU path is not unique, but it does allow me to relate to the many varying challenges faced by our members.