Brittany T. M. Daigle

Location: Toronto, ON

Ever since enrolling at Athabasca University in 2016 I set two goals for myself, which included being successful in my courses and actively seeking ways to become more involved with the university. Since then I have actively participated in conversations on the Student Mobile App, created and maintained a Skype group for BSc CIS students, and have been added to The Voice Magazine’s Official Regular Roster for their Course Exam column. The Course Exam column is where I review courses offered at AU by conducting interviews with AU faculty and proving more insight to the courses which the online syllabus often lacks. Also, I have well informed myself on Athabasca University’s partnership with CASA and I believe that the more voices we have, the stronger our overall voice is at getting the federal government to acknowledge the issues that we are facing. My goal for this year is receiving the title of Vice President External and Student Affairs as I have a passion for advocating for students and making the changes that students want happen.

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While being familiar with CASA is great, how do you plan to advocate for post secondary students for an Alberta institutions from Ontario, given that education is a provincial matter?

Hello Jesse,

Great question!

How does the Prime Minister speak on behalf of our military when they’re overseas? You may think this is a crazy comparison; however, the parallels are there. A populace (military members, AU students), a person (The Prime Minister, Me), and geographical differences (Canada and other countries, Separate provinces of Alberta and Ontario).

Athabasca has students spread out all over the world. I do not necessarily have to be located in Alberta to advocate for any students. If my thoughts and opinions are not heard directly, I can aim to have them heard indirectly through someone else.

If you are asking the physical means by which I can advocate for students, I’ll be doing that the same way AU students study and interact with the University, through online channels of communication.

Your support would be appreciated,