Candidates Announced for 2018 General Election

AUSU is holding a general election in February 2018. The call for nominations period was from January 26 to February 7, and we are pleased to announce we have 15 nominees!

To find out more about each candidate, just click on their name! Feel free to ask questions in each candidates blog page! (Note: Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name).

The voting period will be from February 28 to March 6, 2018. The ballots will be emailed directly to all AUSU members on February 28.

Want to learn more about the candidates?

Check out AUSU’s Election Forum here and feel free to post questions to the candidates online.

You can also attend the AUSU Teleconference Election Debates. The dates and times for the debates are listed below. The instructions to join the teleconference are online here.

Feb 20 at 1pm MT February 22 at 6pm MT Feb 24 at 1pm MT
Natasha Donahue Brittany T. M. Daigle Sara Blayney Lew
Darcie Fleming Lana Deets Sandra Boivin
Melinda Goertz Alexandria Kowalski Natasha Donahue
Christine Hudder Alice Namu Melinda Goertz
Alice Namu Brandon Simmons Alexandria Kowalski
Jenna Mohamed Paddy Storey Amanda Lipinski
Lisa Oracheski Mark Teeninga Lionel Pinkhard
Julian Teterenko Julian Teterenko Joshua Ryan
Brandon Simmons

If you have ideas for questions to ask the candidates, come on out to the debates, join the forum, or email your ideas to

Questions or Concerns?

To find out more about the AUSU elections, visit our website here.

Email any questions or concerns to the Chief Returning Officer, Jacqueline Keena, at