February Executive Blog

Election Time!

Have you ever wondered as a student how to make a difference for other students? Well, for some, that means running in the ongoing council elections, and for others, voting for those that will best represent your interests. It is important that all of us cast our vote for the next council. These will be the students that will be in charge of deciding how to best spend our student fees that go to the students’ union.

I urge everyone to go and read up on the candidates, listen to their answers in the debates, read the interview questions in The Voice, and read the election forums. This will give you an idea of where the candidates stand, and their plans for what they want to accomplish if elected to council.

Your vote matters! There will be thirteen new councillors chosen in this election and they will be your councillors for the next two years. They will represent all of the undergraduate students that attend AU and will be doing important work that will affect all students, such as deciding what services and awards to offer, deciding what advocacy topics to prioritize, and representing AU students at the institutional, provincial, and federal levels.

Spending some time reading up on all the candidates will help out all students as you will be prepared to vote for those you feel represent your interests.

The voting will be open from February 28th to March 06th. Your vote will make a difference for students.

Thanks for reading,

Julian Teterenko
VP External and Student Affairs