Julian Teterenko

Location: Edmonton, AB

I’m currently a student enrolled in the Bachelor of Management program and have a passion for my work in representing students. I have been on AUSU council for the past two years with the majority of those as the VP External and Student Affairs. During that time I have served on the Board of Governors for AU, been a member of many committees and councils for the university, and was the Treasurer for CASA.

I’m also a member of the Canadian Forces Primary Reserve, an active volunteer/leader in my local scouting organization, and a previous executive of a university student club.

I’m committed to student success and have proven that by advocating to AU about student concerns, as well as to provincial and federal government officials on various student issues.

By working hard to preserve AUSU’s principles, I will ensure that students get the best possible university experience, and strive to lead by example. My goal is to continue to build student engagement, provide services, and guarantee that AU student voices are heard.