Lionel Pinkhard

Location: South Africa

Lionel has been pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree with Athabasca University since 2015. His major is in Computing & Information Systems and his minor in Game Programming. He wants to continue his studies afterwards to obtain a master’s degree.

He is passionate about computer games and learning new things, as well as travelling and meeting new people, especially those with different cultural backgrounds. Moreover, he has keen interests in the fields of astrophysics, linguistics, and aviation.

Furthermore, Lionel also holds a TEFL certification, a private pilot license, and numerous IT certifications. He is fluent in two languages, at the intermediate level in two others, and working hard to learn a fifth language while also pursuing his degree. Lionel is also a mentor for a MOOC administered by Beijing University.

During his studies at AU (and elsewhere), Lionel has always tried to share knowledge and help other students – both with course content and procedures. Now, he’s trying to step it up a notch and do it more formally by joining the AUSU council.