Sarah Blayney Lew

Location: Kingston, ON

You may remember me from the 2016 counselor by-elections, when I ran for one of two vacancies.  During the campaign, I really enjoyed connecting with other students and discussing my passion for life-long learning.  But in case you are new to AU, let me introduce myself!

I have been an Athabasca University student since 2003, completing my Bachelor of Management degree.  When I enrolled it was to fulfill my dream of earning an undergraduate degree.  Since that time, I have discovered that it’s not only a personal goal of mine but now it’s a necessity to ensure my relevance in the workforce.  Who knows – I may even pursue post-grad studies!

Athabasca University has opened doors for me – I would like to pay it forward and help other students be successful.   When I’m not working or studying, you will find me tending to my gardens, in the kitchen baking, organizing something, or snuggling with my two furkids.