Apply to sit on an AUSU Committee!

Want to earn money and gain experience for a career in leadership?

Want to get more involved with your AU Students’ Union?

Do you have ideas for engaging with other AU students?

Apply to be a voting member of the AUSU Member Engagement & Communications Committee!

The MEC committee is a standing committee formed by AUSU Council to develop a strong connection between AUSU and its members, and ensure that all AUSU communications are representative of AUSU’s goals and guiding principles.

The committee also strives to promote content that provides members with a sense of community, a stronger connection with their fellow students, a better understanding of AUSU, and a well-rounded university experience.

Typical duties include developing the AUSU communication plan, discussing and implementing means for member engagement, reviewing and assessing communication and service usage statistics, trends and demographics, as well as brainstorming and proofing AUSU communications.

You can apply no matter where you live – meetings are by teleconference and committee work is done online! Must be an AUSU member to apply & remain a member while on the committee.

Click here for more info on the requirements to sit on an AUSU committee.
Click here for more info about the Member Engagement and Communications committee.

Time Commitment:
Committee members should be prepared to devote up to one hour per month for email and committee related business, as well as attending 4-6 two hour teleconference meetings per year. The term on this committee will be approximately 11 months beginning immediately, and will be re-evaluated in the Spring in alignment with the AUSU Executive Election.

Members on the MEC Committee will receive an honorarium of $50 per meeting

Application Process:
If you are interested in joining the MEC Committee, fill out the application form and submit it to

The deadline to apply is Monday, May 28 at 4pm MT.

If you have any questions, email or call 1-855-497-7003.