AUSU Membership Fee Update

AUSU Council Approves Fee Increase!

During the May 10th regular public council meeting, following member consultation and a first reading vote during the April 10th public council meeting (in accordance with our bylaws), the AUSU council unanimously supported the following special resolution motion for an AUSU fee increase:

Be it resolved that AUSU council approve a membership fee increase in the amount of $0.75 per credit to take effect on October 1, 2018

-Carried 12/0

A great deal of consideration and research was put into the fee increase. Although AUSU always has and will continue to advocate for the lowest possible fees for post-secondary students at AU, student council is confident that this fee increase will have a healthy impact on the AUSU membership for the foreseeable future.

Over the past few years, AUSU has worked to bring increased services, representation, and advocacy to the AUSU membership, as well as enhanced communications, transparency, and additional governance efforts. AUSU will continue to foster a strong governance model, ensure broader representation on council, and a wider perspective on behalf of its members.

While making significant efforts to reduce administrative costs, AUSU has operated on a deficit budget for the past three years, which is not sustainable. For AUSU to continue to maintain its existing efforts and plan for growth, it was important for council to consider options to meet the financial needs of the organization.

AUSU council has proposed and approved a moderate increase in the student union fee from $3.00 per credit to $3.75 per credit, to be applied to all course registrations that begin on October 1, 2018 and after. The fee increase was made by special resolution in accordance with AUSU bylaws.


For all questions and fee increase inquiries contact President Brandon Simmons.