July Executive Blog

If you had the opportunity to improve AU, how would you do it?

Well now is your chance, find out how you can help re-imagine online learning at AU!

For months you have heard us talk about the university’s IMAGINE plan and how over the next few years AU is going to be making some big changes.  This is great news for students and now with a 4.9-million-dollar grant from the government momentum is gaining.  So, what does this mean for you as a student?

It means that you have an opportunity to help write AU history.  How often does a university decide that they are going to make sweeping changes and then turn to students for input.  That is the opportunity we have before us.  We can participate in the re-imagining of both AU as an institution and learning itself.  Thanks to our out of the box thinking administration at AU we are looking past AU as it currently exists and focusing on what would be the most optimal university. Once we have this picture we can then begin to build AU’s future.

The first step in the redesign process is developing a learning framework.  So, what does that entail? In the simplest form the framework is going to lay out what learning looks like fifty years from now.  It is a very broad topic that is being addressed by numerous AU committees.  AUSU has a seat on the steering committee and from hearing from the other committees, they also need student feedback.

The university wants to be able to understand questions like: What student’s expectations of learning are? What skills do we expect to gain from our education? What needs to be considered regarding learning to ensure student success.

With how important this process is AUSU has been working on developing ways to get your input.  We want to know what you would like to see happen at AU.  So, to do this, we will be launching an engagement campaign very shortly.  There will be many ways to get involved including online and in person town halls, meet & greets, online discussions in the AUSU app and forums, or you can always reach out to me.  Make sure to keep an eye on our social media platforms and website for more details.

This is an exciting time, and I can’t wait to see our members contribute their input to help us Imagine a better AU experience.


All the best,

Brandon Simmons

AUSU President

Email : president

Cell: 780-668-2952