AUSU Contest – Win free AU exam invigilation from home with ProctorU!

What you are looking forward to in 2019?

Tell us on social media for a chance to win a ProctorU code for FREE AU online exam invigilation FROM HOME or an AUSU swag pack!

Find our #AUSUContest post on one of our social media sites and respond in the comments about what you are looking forward to in 2019 for your chance to win!
You can also respond to the post in the chat feature of the AU student Mobile App.

 What is ProctorU? 

Athabasca University has partnered with ProctorU so students can now write their online AU exams from the comfort of home!

ProctorU offers an online invigilation (supervisory) service for students writing online exams, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week! All you need is high-speed Internet, a webcam, and a suitable private location (nobody else in the room) to complete your exam.

This accessible, flexible, and affordable service is an alternative to traditional exam invigilation services where a student is required to travel to an invigilation centre. Learn more about ProctorU online here.

Contest Prizes

Winners of the contest will win a free ProctorU code to pay for their AU online exam invigilation, or an AUSU prize pack, provided free courtesy of the AU Students’ Union. Winners must be an AUSU member to qualify. The ProctorU code only applies to courses that curently have an online exam at Athabasca University. The value of the ProctorU code is $45.

The ProctorU code pays the exam and invigilation fees only. Any additional fees such as late exam fees or supplementary exam fees are the responsibility of the student. Prizes cannot be exchanged for any other prizes, services, or monetary value. 

Please note, students must still adhere to Athabasca University exam booking timelines

Contest Regulations

The #AUSUContest will run from January 16 to 31, 2019. 

Contest entries will be compiled from all comments from the AUSU social media sites listed above and winners will be selected at random on February 1. Only one entry per person.

Please contact if you have any questions.

10 replies on “AUSU Contest – Win free AU exam invigilation from home with ProctorU!”

I am looking forward to not only compleating a full year of courses but to help and inspire others to continue on with there schooling know matter how old you are or how busy you might be. Education is always in style.

I am looking forward to (hopefully) finishing my certificate by December 31st, 2019 and moving on to my Undergrad in 2020! 4 courses to complete in 2019 – fingers crossed!

I want to complete my Bachelor’s degree and move to Masters in 2019. May there be more options for everyone to go back to school (like I did) so that they can fulfill all their dreams 🙂 Health & Happiness to all, always!!!

I’m looking forward to graduation this year from the post lpn to rn program through here at Athabasca. what a journey this has been but so rewarding! Hope others can accomplish their goals this year, and for many years to come!

In 2019, I am looking forward to watching our 9 month old son learn and grow, while I do the same! My fiancé and I are getting married in October, so I am looking so forward to that as well!

I am looking forward to finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in 2019! I am feeling excited and motivated to finish my last few classes. 2018 was an unexpectedly hard year that slowed down my studies, bring on 2019 and the completion of my degree!

I wrote one of my exams using ProctorU. It’s convenient and easy to use. For people that cannot find a proctor in remote areas, this is god sent!

I am looking forward to finishing my courses and passing all of my exams assignments and everything February 5 ,2019 and hopefully getting my transcript on time by March 1,2019 and moving on to my Degree program by September 2019,4 courses to complete in 2019- I am excited to venture into a new beginning,all thanks to Athabasca for making life very comfortable (although it is expensive) , I would definitely remember Athabasca is a life saver.

I am looking forward to this new academic adventure! 2019 is the year I start my undergrad with Athabasca University and so far I am enjoying this new chapter in my life!