Executive Election Results

AUSU just held its annual Executive Council Election, in accordance with policy 3.02. Although the entire student council is elected by the general student membership, the executive positions are elected internally from among the elected councillors.

We are pleased to announce that our existing executives will be continuing in their roles for another year. This is a great benefit to AUSU, for numerous reasons: 

  • The current executive team has been a great asset to AUSU, holds over 20 seats on the AU board and committees, and has accomplished a lot for AUSU over the past year.
  • Having executives on for more than one year helps them plan for the future of AUSU with a full picture perspective of the roles of executive.
  • Having some consistency with the executive team helps foster the connections AUSU has made with the University, as well as with provincial and national stakeholders and advocacy groups.

Your new and returning executive team is:

President                                             Brandon Simmons

VP External &Student Affairs:          Melinda Goertz

VP Finance & Administration           Natasha Donahue

We are looking forward to another great year with a fantastic council and executive team!