May Executive Blog

It’s never a dull moment in student politics. One moment things are consistent and stable, and the next moment everything is completely different. That happened over at AUSU recently, and unfortunately a valued and wonderful member of our executive team, Melinda Goertz, had to step down from her role as vice president external and student affairs (VPEX).

While I was sad to see Melinda go, I took the opportunity to participate in the by-election to elect the next VPEX. I nominated myself and campaigned to council and was elected to the role on May 22. It’s incredible what can happen in a 7-day period (congratulations Brittany Daigle on your successful election to vice president finance and administration!).

As fast-paced as things can be, I would be lying if I said I didn’t like that. I’m a fast-paced person myself, which will probably lend itself to the upcoming Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) Foundations Conference. This annual conference is held in Gatineau, QC, and provides an orientation to the organization and the federal advocacy work that happens over the year. We’ll run for committees there, and if we’re elected, we’ll bring a vote to the table in important discussions around advocacy priorities to bring to the federal government in Ottawa in the coming months.

As VPEX, I’m also in tune with the provincial advocacy work that AUSU will be pursuing this year. Our council has decided to pursue an independent provincial advocacy route, and we will be working with AU on this as well as other organizations. I’m looking forward to establishing a strong relationship between AUSU and the Government of Alberta.

Lastly, I’m super excited to develop plans for student engagement and community. I can’t wait to support and develop our podcast, AUSU Open Mic, as well as redevelop our in-person meet-ups and potential new routes to virtual connections among our student members.

It’s going to be great to keep this momentum going over the next 10 months and into our next general election, which will be happening in spring of 2020. Stay tuned for developments in provincial and federal advocacy, as well as our student community!


Natasha Donahue
VP External and Student Affairs