AUSU Response Regarding AU Tuition Change

Athabasca University students were disappointed to learn that a proposal to increase tuition by 7% was approved by the Board of Governors of Athabasca University, despite strong opposition to the increase being voiced by both undergraduate and graduate students. The proposal was in response to the cut of $1.6 million to Athabasca University’s operating grant and $1.7 million in infrastructure funding in the 2019 Government of Alberta budget in October.

The increase was set at the largest possible increase allowable by the provincial government, at 7%. This increase was also applied to tuition fees paid by international and out-of-province students. Including the increase to the mandatory Learning Resources Fee, a single undergraduate course for Alberta students has increased by $43. However, depending on a student’s program, location of their residence, and the number of courses taken in a year, the increase can be substantially more – a degree program for out-of-province students, for example, will see tuition and fees rise from $34,570 for the program to $36,840, with the possibility of more increases next year.

AU Students’ Union Media Release

AUSU issued a media release about the specific impact of the tuition increase for Athabasca University students, including statements from the AUSU President and Vice-President External and Student Affairs. You can read this online here.