January Executive Blog

January is always an exciting time of new beginnings.  For AUSU, this time of year begins our preparation for our elections.  Every year, we hold an election for our executive team members, and every second year we hold a general election for our council members.  This year, you have the opportunity to run for one of 13 positions as an AUSU councillor

If you think you may be interested in running, there are many ways to learn more about the opportunity.  You can attend an upcoming council meeting, contact current councillors, review our policies on our website, or listen to our AUSU Open Mic podcast (our latest episode is about the benefits of being on council!).  This is an exciting opportunity, and council has recently made it even easier to run for council by eliminating the GPA requirement and reducing the number of classes that students need to enrol in to be eligible for council.

I first ran for council in 2015, and I have loved it so much that I have continued to run while completing my degree.  As a councillor, you will have the ability to work with other Athabasca University students to set the direction for the students’ union and provide recommendations for the university.  This is not only an exciting opportunity but a rewarding one as well, as you are constantly working to improve the lives of fellow students.    

Over the past few years, AUSU has worked with councillors to develop new awards and bursaries for students, create a student mobile app, implemented mental health services for students, offered multiple student discounts, advocated to the government on behalf of students, stood up to the university to defend students, and we are continuing to work towards implementing other amazing services for our members.  We are always excited to have new students with new ideas join council to improve the lives of AU students, and we hope that you are willing to put your name forward.

In the nearly four and a half years that I have been on AUSU council, I have to say it is one of the best things that I have ever done.  I have absolutely loved the experience and I would be happy to answer any questions students may have about running for council.  Feel free to email me at [email protected], and watch for important announcements coming soon about election dates or visit our website here.

Brandon Simmons
AUSU President