AUSU Fall 2020 Award Winners

AUSU is proud to have given over $50,000 in awards and bursaries to AU students in Fall 2020. This includes our November awards cycle and year-round bursary applicants. While we wish we could give awards to all 280+ students that applied, we are happy to announce that we doubled the number of awards available to students for our November Awards and Bursaries cycle, as well as increased the number of Emergency Bursaries and Computer Bursaries available. 

We will be doubling the awards and bursaries available in out May awards cycle as well, so stay tuned for more funds available soon!

Award winners from our Fall 2020 Award Cycle:

Academic Achievement Award:

Melony Jackie, Michele Mrkvan, Jenna Nickerson, Kimberly O’Neill, Cynthia Sneath, Shelley Wiart

Balanced Student Award:

Lisa Bussieres, Alysha Carachi, Chanelle Courville, Adam Grendys, Ashley Grimes, Melodie Palyga, Samita Sarkar, Tanis Thomas

Returning Student Award:

Shirley Barton, Sandra Benholm-Cheung, Joanna Brownlee, Zuhur Dualeh, Alison Gash, Matthew Kingdon, Duniya Maiwand, Kathleen Stahler

Student Volunteer Award:

Courtney King, Allyson Koch, Sabrina Niesman, Afrooz Sabah, Fe San Jose, Cleopatra Sarantakos

#Igo2AU Award:

Elijah Buchan, Eva Notter, Van Phan, Eben Vankoughnett

AUSU provided many other awards and bursaries, but not all winners are announced for confidentiality reasons.

For more information about AUSU awards and bursaries, visit our Awards Page.