AUSU Welcomes Almigdad Eldoma to our Executive Team!

On behalf of the entire team at the AU Students’ Union (AUSU), we are excited to welcome Almigdad Eldoma to our AUSU executive team. 

The past year has been a time of change and transition for a lot of people, including our council and executive team. Recently, AUSU received a resignation from our former VP Finance and Administration, Monique Durette. We are thankful to Monique Durette for all of her great work on executive during 2020, and are thankful she will continue to work with us on council! You can read our official notice about this online here.

In accordance with AUSU policy, our elected student council held an internal executive election on January 18, 2021. We are excited to Almigaded to our executive team, who brings a great deal of experience and enthusiasm to the role.

AUSU Student Executive

Stacey Hutchings
New AUSU President

Natalia Iwanek
New Vice-President External and Student Affairs

Almigdad Eldoma
Vice-President Finance and Administration

As we are over halfway through the current executive term, the team has a great deal of work yet to accomplish and the addition of Almigdad will help set our sights on furthering the work of AUSU in 2021. We look forward to seeing what this new team will accomplish together!

Find out more about our AUSU council and staff on our website here.

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