Executive & Committee Compensation Updated

AUSU reviews Executive Councillor compensation every two years, forming an ad hoc committee to ensure a fair compensation package for AUSU executives.

Based on the findings of the 2021 Executive Compensation Review Committee, along with the recent impacts of inflation across Canada, Council passed a motion on January 20, 2022, to approve the committee recommendations, including the following update:

  • Executive Compensation in Policy 2.15 – the hourly rate of compensation shall be increased from $23.00 to $24.50 for the President and Vice Presidents positions

AUSU also deemed it appropriate at this time to review Council honouraria, particularly regarding committee honouraria. Recommendations were made to Council, who passed motions to update the following:

  • Committee Compensation in Policy 2.14 – committee member honorariums shall be increased to $60 per meeting per committee
  • Awards Committee Compensation in Policy 8.02 – committee member honorariums will be increased to $50 per month served, with further compensation of $100 per meeting in the October and April application periods to determine the awards recipients

Thank you to all the amazing student volunteers who serve on AUSU committees!

If you have questions about the recent compensation review or policy updates, please email