VMock Service Pilot Concludes with Preferred Student Pricing

AUSU’s pilot of the VMock resume review service will conclude on September 14th, 2022. Student Council carried a motion during the August 25th, 2022 Council Meeting to discontinue VMock, having reviewed and discussed the platform’s user engagement at the 2022 Council Retreat held this past July.

AUSU began piloting VMock’s resume review service in September 2020, providing free access for our members. With many AU undergraduate students balancing distance learning alongside full-time jobs and personal lives, the 2020 Student Council identified 24 hour a day resume support as a priority. The goal was to provide a self-serve resume review option that was available online and easy to use so that students wouldn’t be limited by standard office hours while doing career preparation.

VMock does just that, and the overall feedback from AU undergraduates using the service has been positive. The online resume review tool provides instant personalized feedback while helping to build or improve any resume, and many students found it helpful while preparing for their careers. Despite these benefits, the pilot simply didn’t reach the level of student engagement required for Student Council to approve the continuation of funding in the 2022/2023 fiscal year.

AU undergraduates continue to be eligible for free access to the resume review service until September 14th , 2022 when the pilot concludes, so be sure to take advantage and check it out before then. Additionally, students already signed up will receive an email from VMock outlining important service changes to be expect after the pilot concludes. VMock will offer a preferred AU student price of $15/month for premium access. Simply sign up for VMock through our website using your email and enjoy this 25% discount!

Finally, AUSU is still very much committed to providing quality career preparation resources and support to undergraduate students at AU. We will be updating and enhancing our Career Centre landing page with new and improved information, services, and resources to help you accomplish your professional goals. Watch for details coming soon!

Questions or feedback about the VMock service update can be sent to