Students welcome international tuition cut at Athabasca University

The Board of Governors at Athabasca University (AU) voted to cut tuition for international students as a part of the institution’s strategy to increase international enrolment, a move welcomed by the Athabasca University Students’ Union (AUSU). Tuition has been steadily rising at Athabasca University since 2019 well above the rate of inflation for all students, including international students.

“This is great news for international students at Athabasca University, and I hope lays the groundwork for similar moves to make Athabasca University more affordable for all students.”

Naju Syed, AUSU President

AUSU has repeatedly expressed concerns about rising tuition to Athabasca University and to the Board of Governors, drawing attention to enrollment decline and price sensitivity, all reasons senior administration team at Athabasca University cited in the decision to lower tuition for international students.

“Athabasca University is a place where anyone can learn from anywhere – this tuition cut will help make that true for more international students.”

Chantel Bradley, AUSU VP Finance and Administration

AUSU is excited to see action on making Athabasca University more affordable for international students, leading to enrollment growth and additional revenue based on that growth. If successful, AUSU sees an opportunity to apply similar measures for reducing tuition for out-of-province students, Indigenous students, and ultimately for all students in an effort to make Athabasca University both affordable and competitive in the shifting landscape of post-secondary and distance education.