Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions pertain to AUSU, the Athabasca University Students’ Union. If you have further questions about AUSU, feel free to contact us at

If you have questions about Athabasca University services, resources, procedures, or any other topic specific to the University or your studies, check out the AU Quick Links page on our website here, or contact AU directly.

Category: Advocacy
If you are having any kind of problem with the university, AUSU may be able to advocate on your behalf, or can provide you with information to assist you in your communications with the University. To receive assistance or advocacy from AUSU, please email We recommend outlining your concern with as much detail as possible so that we can determine the best way to assist you. Your academic concerns are important to AUSU, and we appreciate when our members bring forward issues that that they feel are detrimental to achieving maximum satisfaction in their student experience. The University is very open to discussion with AUSU regarding student concerns, but our feedback must be logical and organized, so for this reason your input is essential. Please note, if your issue is related to the length of time it is taking for someone at AU to get back to you on any topic (grades, exam requests, transfer credit, extensions, withdrawals, support, etc.), AU does have service standards outlined on their website here, which includes details on who to contact at AU if that service standard is not being met. If you wish to appeal a decision made by AU, you can access information on the appeals process on the AU website here.
Category: Advocacy

You can review some of our most recent advocacy efforts online here.

In addition, AUSU has official positions on a variety of advocacy topics, including tuition and fees, technology and infrastructure, government funding, external relations, course and program developments and maintenance, career services, e-text choice, improved services at AU, and more. You can review our position policies online here (policy section 9).

AUSU councillors sit on over 20 boards and committees at Athabasca University, where they actively advocate on your behalf. These committees include (but ar not limited to):

  • AU Board of Governors
  • General Faculties Council
  • Student Awards Committee
  • Student Academic Appeals Committee
  • Digital Governance Committee
  • Faculty Councils for each AU Faculty
  • Student Advisory Committees
  • Various AU VP search committees and working groups as required

AUSU regularly meets with AU Dean’s, various VP’s, and the President to discuss matters of importance to AU students. In addition, AUSU advocates to the provincial and national governments for increased educational funding, equitable student loans programs, scholarships and bursaries, mental health support, and other topics important to students.

AUSU is also a member of the Canadian Alliance of Students Associations (CASA), which helps AU student have a voice at the national level. AUSU executives travel for numerous CASA conferences annually, as well as participate in CASA annual Advocacy Week on Parliament Hill where student leaders gather to advocate to various MP’s and senators for accessible and affordable post-secondary education in Canada.

For more information, visit our advocacy page here.