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The following frequently asked questions pertain to AUSU, the Athabasca University Students’ Union. If you have further questions about AUSU, feel free to contact us at

If you have questions about Athabasca University services, resources, procedures, or any other topic specific to the University or your studies, check out the AU Quick Links page on our website here, or contact AU directly.

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AUSU provides all our members with a free LinkedIn Learning subscription, giving you access to a premier online video training site that you can access here. We also have eyewear discounts available, that you can access here. In addition, AUSU has teamed up with Alliance Pharmacy to bring you free next-business-day prescription delivery, lower prescription costs, and discounts on their online store. Find out more on our website here. AU also offers a wide range of software discounts available through AU, including free Office 365, and various other discounted programs available online here.
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Absolutely! Make note, Athabasca University is an online institution, which means all AU students are distance learners, and they are spread out across Canada and the world. All our services were designed specifically for online education students and can be accessed no matter where you live.

AUSU Awards and Bursaries – these are available to all AUSU members, regardless of location, and we have an easy-to-use online application.

Mobile App – free download no matter your location, with an active campus chat community. Great place to find study buddies in your local area and chat with fellow students!

LinkedIn Learning Subscription – thousands of online video training from industry experts on a huge range of topics ranging such as program training, business skills, marketing, programming languages, photography, design, career skills and much more.

Eyewear Discounts – these are offered through FYi Doctors, which has over 300 locations across Canada and growing. Get up to 40% off vision care!

Pharmacy Savings – free next business day delivery of prescriptions across Canada through Direct2U Pharmacy, reduced dispensing and drug fees, and discounts through their online store.

The Voice Magazine – AUSU student publication, written by AU students, for AU students, and is entirely online.

AUSU Open Mic Podcast – free podcast for AU students on a range of topics such as interviews, services, resources, advocacy, tips for students, and more.

All of our other resources are online, including career resourcescourse evaluations, and AU quick links.

In addition, AUSU uses multiple online platforms to engage our members and keep them up to date on events, services, resources, tips, and news relevant to AU students. These include semi-monthly electronic newsletter, our mobile app, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked in, as well as our website and online forum.

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Unfortunately, at this time the mobile app is not directly available on a desktop computer. We have put this request into the company that designed the app, however, there is no desktop version available at this point.

There are some apps that you can download that allow you to run iOS or Android apps on your desktop computer. However, please make note AUSU is not responsible for third party apps or any issues that may arise from using one.

AUSU is always looking for more ways to foster student engagement, so stay tuned!

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The promotion is currently only for AUSU members. In order to access the promotion, you need to fill out a student discount card and list your name, area of study, and estimated graduation date.

Please contact FYidoctors directly to find out what other promotion or deals you can get for your family members.

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AUSU does have a career resources page, which features resources on resume building, interview skills, job fairs across Canada, and national and provincial job search engines. You can access this online here.

There are also many career related training videos on LinkedIn Learning, which all AUSU members can access for free. Available videos include resume building, cover letters, interviewing, job hunting, negotiating job offers, new job success, and more. You can access your free LinkedIn Learning subscription online here.

Unfortunately, we do not post individual job offers. Since AU is an online institution, our members are spread out all over Canada and the world, so it would be difficult for us to list job postings for every province and territory in Canada and still keep our member fees low.

However, we are looking into offering additional career resources, so stay tuned!

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AUSU has moved to a new, more modern planning interface through our free Mobile App, which not only helps you plan your studies, but also quickly access services and resources available to AU students, view important dates and deadlines, and connect with the campus community through a very active campus chat section.

AUSU decided to phase out the paper calendar as they were very underutilized (less than 1% of our membership ordered them) but yet they were a significant cost to the membership, especially considering the added cost to mail them out. According to our 2016 Student Services Survey, the paper calendar was one of our membership’s lowest priority services, so AUSU decided to focus the membership dollars on services that our members identified as higher priority, such as increased awards and bursaries, and improved advocacy.

Category: AUSU Services access has updgraded to LinkedIn Learning, as of June 2019.

LinkedIn Learning features the same great video training content from, but with a new platform with added benefits! All AUSU members are given free access to LinkedIn Learning courtesy of AUSU.

LinkedIn Learning is a premier video training website, with thousands of online courses taught by industry experts in technology, software, creative, and business skills. It is designed for all learner levels and is available whenever you’re ready to learn.

You can find out more about LinkedIn Learning on our website here.

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  • Search for your class in the “Courses” tile on the main page of the app.
  • Click “Classes” in the top bar
  • Enter a semester, start date & time (just enter anything here as it is arbitrary)
  • Click the blue check-mark (top right) to save.

You can now schedule assignments, study time, or exams for your class!

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If you do not already have an account set up, you first need to go to LinkedIn Learning here to sign up. You will need to use your Athabasca University email address ( to get free access to LinkedIn Learning. If you do not already have your AU email address set up, find out how to do this online here.

Please note, you must be a current AUSU member (ie: currently enrolled in an AU undergraduate course for credit) in order to access the service.

If you have any further questions or issues accessing this service, contact AUSU at

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Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find a plan that will work with AU’s unique demographic.

At brick-and-mortar institutions, students are typically automatically opted into the health plan when they sign up for a semester, which is how they can offer low plan rates. However, an automatic opt-in plan will not work for AU.

The majority of AU students (approximately 80%) are part-time, so automatically adding a health & dental plan fee of hundreds of dollars to a one-course registration would not be viewed favourably by most members. Further, about 30% of AU students are just visiting from other institutions, only taking 1 course at AU to supplement their studies elsewhere, and they typically have health and dental plans through their home institution. Additionally, our average undergraduate student age is higher than at most brick-and-mortar schools, with approximately 80% of students taking courses while working, so a lot of our members already have health and dental plans through their jobs.

The only other option is to provide an “opt-in” health plan, so students can voluntarily sign up for it. However, opt-in plans would involve very high premiums, upwards of $700-900 per month or more. Plans like this tend to get low enrolment, and typically the only people who enrol make more claims than the cost of their premiums, causing the plan to operate at a loss. Consequently, an opt-in plan is not likely to succeed.

For these reasons, AUSU is currently unable to provide a group health and dental plan that will work for our membership.

We will continue to try to find an option that will work for our unique membership.