Darcie Fleming

Darcie Fleming

Hello, I am Darcie Fleming aka mom, wife and now councillor. I am a mature student who returned to school after working within the non-profit sector for over 30 years. I previously lived on a farm but “moved to town” and am currently residing in Lethbridge Alberta. I am enjoying my new community, and condo living. No snow to shovel or feeding cows at -40 in the winter. When I am not busy studying, I volunteer with the Healthy Living Program at the Lethbridge Regional Hospital.

I have been married to my husband Bill since 2005.  He is an American, so we spend quite a bit of time in Vermont, his home state. Many people have questioned how me met and no, we did not meet on the internet. Lol. As AU is an online university, it makes it easy to continue my studies regardless of where I am.

I am the proud mom to my 23-year-old son Skyler.  His attendance at the University of Lethbridge planted the seed of higher education in my mind. His support and knowledge has assisted me greatly in my courses. My dog Penny is my shadow and she has witnessed countless hours of studying, my joy in receiving a good mark and the frustrations of receiving a low mark.

Although most people in my age bracket would be considering retirement, I am looking forward to a new career in Psychology.  I am currently in my second year and my third year will be starting in November. My long-term goal is obtaining a Masters in Counselling.  I am a full-time student with a reduced course load as I have a disability. I am fortunate that AU has an Access to Students with Disabilities office. I am excited about this chapter in my life and I am proud to represent students on the AUSU student council.

Darcie Fleming
AUSU Councillor
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