Karen Fletcher

Karen Fletcher

My name is Karen Fletcher and I’m honoured to have the opportunity to represent you. I came to AU because its flexibility allows me to study without worrying about missing class when my kids are sick or on school breaks. I study Applied Math, which is a second degree for me. I love science and eventually want to get my PhD.

I was elected as an AUSU Students’ Councillor in the August 2020 By-Election and had the honour to serve as your VP External since April 2021. In that time, I met with the government to advocate for better funding for student financial aid and universities, including better mental health funding. I held AU accountable when some of their courses included bigoted content, persisting until they removed it. I advocated for students with learning disabilities who couldn’t access a diagnosis, resulting in AU creating a $20,000 fund for this. I also organized AUSU’s research week, to support students in their studies. As per AUSU policy, I’m currently serving as President of the Executive Committee following the March 4 resignation of former president Stacey Hutchings.

I believe AU should be a place where every student is respected, valued, and gets an excellent education and experience. I continue to work hard towards that goal.

I love knitting (especially mittens) and own a business where I design knitting patterns professionally for magazines and yarn companies. My favourite part of collaborating with different yarn producers and publications is being pushed to incorporate ideas and themes that I wouldn’t have naturally gravitated towards myself. I also adore reading, especially biographies and popular science books, and have a great husband and three fantastic (and very talkative) kids who are 3, 5, and 7. At the moment, we’re all home because of the pandemic which has made me very thankful for the flexibility I have to organize my studies around the rest of my life.

I live on the land of the Anishinaabe and, due to colonialism (both past and present), experience many of the rights and privileges long denied to the Anishinaabe and other Indigenous peoples in Canada. This is wrong. I am committed to listening to Indigenous voices and actively working to decolonize and Indigenize AUSU and AU.

Karen Fletcher
Vice-President External