Karl Low

Karl Low
Editor, The Voice Magazine



And here we have the Managing Editor of The Voice Magazine in his natural habitat.   Surrounded by books and chaos, trying to live by that eternal lesson:  Don’t take life too seriously, because nobody gets out alive.

I’m the guy who makes sure that you get a new Voice Magazine each week.  Helping me is a talented group of students and former students who send me articles, reviews, and other items to keep you informed about some of the big things going on at and around AU and AUSU, as well as keep you entertained and help you to get a sense of the community of students that are working alongside you at AU, even though you may never see or meet them.  I’m just the guy who tries to put it all together in a coherent package for you.

Myself, I’ve served on AUSU in every volunteer capacity, from being on and chairing a committee, to as a councillor, each of the VP positions, and finally serving as the President, all while I worked on my Computing Science degree that eventually became an English degree.  I graduated from AU with Great Distinction in 2012, and am living proof that it is entirely possible to finish many AU courses in just three weeks, although that’s not something I would advise anybody to do unless they are a masochist or have absolutely no other alternative—possibly both.

As to the basic information, I was born in Calgary, spent elementary and Jr. High in the small town of Drayton Valley half-way between Edmonton and Red Deer, and returned to Calgary for High School and beyond.   These days, I spend way too much time on my computer, drinking from the firehose that is the internet when I’m not trying to get the next issue set up. As you can probably guess, writing and reading are both primary interests, though I still dabble with programming and game design.

With my partner, we have three cats and one Chihuahua that alternately keep us sane or drive us crazy, depending on the day.

You can contact me at voice@voicemagazine.org, and really, you probably should.  Because if you’ve read this far you’re obviously a person with style and taste, and so I’d like to have you interviewed for The Voice Magazine, or perhaps even discuss what you might like to write for your fellow students.  Did I mention we pay?  It’s true!

So get in touch, and let’s see what you can do you for the AU community!