Katy Lowe

Katy Lowe

Hello! My name is Katy and I am excited to be a part of AUSU student council for the 2020/2022 term! I am currently in my third year of my Bachelor of Arts with a major in psychology degree. Athabasca University has been my second chance to obtain my post-secondary education and I have been an active participant in student activities since I began. Though the connections I’ve made with AUSU events, the AUSU student app, and various social media groups, I have thoroughly enjoyed my student experience. Knowing how much of an impact my experience as a student has on my studies and building my future, I am excited to be a part of a collaborative team to advocate for and contribute to a meaningful student experience for every undergraduate student at Athabasca University. 

Following my pursuit of my BA psychology degree, I plan to attend both a graduate and doctorate program in educational psychology. My long term goal is to work as an educational psychologist for children with exceptionalities, providing assessment and behaviour plan writing. Additionally, I would like to pursue future research regarding the prevalence of ADHD in girls in elementary and secondary education. 

Along with my role as student, I am also a mom. My children are 6, 8, and 9, and between their competitive gymnastics, school, and taekwondo, you can usually find me driving them in various directions across the city. I also have a fluffy little dog that likes to lay under my desk at my feet as I study and keep me company. My husband and I have always managed to work hard at balancing our schedule to allow for each family member to pursue their goals with the full support of the family – however, it can sometimes be a bit of a tight-rope balancing act.

We like to take a break from it all by hopping into an incredibly old RV and making an adventure where something inevitably goes wrong out of it during the summer time. This is a big reason why my role as a student and student councillor with Athabasca University fits my lifestyle so well, providing the flexibility to fulfill my role demands regardless of where life may find me! 

I am looking forward to working on this team of students to contribute to the amazing experience that is being a student at Athabasca University!

Katy Lowe
AUSU Councillor
[email protected]