Monique Durette

Monique Durette
VP Finance and Administration

My name is Monique, and I’m the mother to one amazing six-year-old boy and stepmother to two grown boys who live in Ontario (one of whom recently made my husband and I grandparents). My husband, young son, and I live in Okotoks, AB with our Great Dane Atlas and a bearded dragon, who my son named Mega Dragon. In addition to my full-time studies with AU, working towards my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, my husband and I also homeschool our six-year-old. Post-graduation, I intend to pursue work within the non-profit sector, ideally advocating for either women’s rights-related issues or within advocacy related to persons with disabilities.

Though my finance and administration experience prior to post-secondary school is quite extensive, this position on a university student council is new to me as this is my first time attending university after high school graduation. In my new role as Vice President Finance and Administration, I am elated to have been chosen to serve AU students across the country. As a student who utilizes the ASD program at AU, and having a husband with permanent and significant disabilities from a traumatic motor vehicle accident we were in 5 years ago, I intend to focus as many aspects of my internal advocacy work on the needs of student with disabilities, with the goal of improving services for them. Though AU has already been a leader in the concept of open university, it will be important to continue working on innovations to ensure that there is inclusion for all students who have difficulties with traditional, brick-and-mortar universities.

Though my time outside of school, AUSU, and family needs is limited, I have many hobbies – many that help with my mental health. I love to read, pursue informal learning of my many interests, crochet, craft in many ways, and I will be learning to knit soon. Many difficult experiences in life have taught me that life is short, and life is meant to be enjoyed. Finding the balance between needs, responsibilities, and enjoyment is extremely important.

I could not be happier than to have been elected to council and as the VPFA and I look forward to serving our student body. I am always open to communication and available to chat, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Monique Durette
VP Finance & Administration
[email protected]