Samantha Colvin

Samantha Colvin
Social Media Coordinator

Hello AUSU friends!

I am Samantha Colvin, the Social Media Coordinator here at AUSU!

Very excited to be joining the team! 

I am a MacEwan University Marketing Alumni, as well as a former student leader while attending university! I started my journey with the students’ council wanting to be an advocate for mature students at MacEwan. Throughout my journey, I also became an advocate for fellow students who struggled with Mental Health as well. I put together several online chats where students could get together and build a community with others who shared similar struggles in a safe place. 

I have a passion for Social Media Marketing and am a firm believer that social media is a powerful tool for communication – especially coming out of a global pandemic – am I right?! 

In my personal life, you can find me on the trails of our beautiful river valley with my gorgeous, rescued hound dog Penny-Lane, listening to epic playlists or true crime podcasts, or at home watching trashy reality tv or reruns of my favourite shows. I’m a huge movie buff, musical theatre nerd, obsessed with pop culture, and come from a very musically inclined family. 

I am born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta with a soft spot for British Columbia (Penticton specifically) where I spent my summers throughout my life, as well as Ontario (Toronto and Ottawa specifically) where I spent a small portion of my twenties living as well. My goal is to travel across Canada eventually and see the vast beauty from coast to coast that this beautiful nation has to offer. 

Please connect with me anytime at if there is something you want to see on our social media here at AUSU.