Testimonials from Our Members

Read valuable feedback AUSU has received from AU students. Thanks for all the reviews! If you would like to provide feedback to AUSU, email services@ausu.org.

“Just wanted to say that the access to Lynda.com is fantastic and is helping with my studies. Please send my thanks to those involved getting that off the ground and also for maintaining it.” – Comment from AU student by email

Kudos to Athabasca University Students’ Union, for your quick response to a student in need of help! It’s good to see this level of support!

Comment from AU student on AUSU mobile app

” I would just like to thank you guys for considering my application for my computer bursary… without these bursaries, a lot of us would not be able to get by. Thank you again and keep up the good work! “ – Comment from AU student by email

“Thank you for this prize of a free ProctorU exam.  I was able to utilize it today, and truly appreciate the support AUSU has continued to provide me as a student.  This was a lovely bonus, and every little bit helps! “ – Comment from AU student after receiving a free ProctorU exam from AUSU.

“I just wanted to thank you for advocating on my behalf and for doing everything you could to do to help me out with my concerns. I sincerely appreciated your help and guidance, and it meant a lot to me have your assistance on this matter.” – Comment from AU student by email

I am so grateful for having the support of AUSU during this struggle I am currently facing. You have impacted my life more than you know. I have no words to convey my gratitude, thank you just doesn’t seem like enough.

Comment from AU student by email

“Winning this prize puts me one step closer to my goal.  My sincerest thanks to AUSU for such incredible student support.” – Comment from AU Student Colleen Warren after winning a free AU course from AUSU.

“THANK YOU for advocating for more lenient appeals…. that has saved my law school application! I am forever grateful to AU and the AUSU for allowing me that life-saving chance. If you ever need a volunteer in Edmonton please do not hesitate to ask me. “ – text message from AU Student during council election

“This is a brilliant idea – I’ve never seen any other university do anything like this before!” – comment from AU student on Facebook regarding free course contest

AUSU really does a lot for its members. Keep up the great work!

Comment from AU student by email

“WOW, just WOW!  I cried tears of joy 🙂  Thank-you will NEVER be enough for finding me deserving of this award.  My two boys gave me a group hug and said “Our prayers worked mommy”, as they prayed for me every day since I submitted my application. I feel honoured that you would also select me to be featured in the AU[SU] newsletter, double wow!!!!” – comment from AU student award recipient

“As an Ontario student, I greatly appreciate AUSU’s advocacy on our behalf on this matter. The changes to grant/loan funding will greatly impact my me and my colleagues. Your efforts speak volumes about your care and concern for your students, and I am very appreciative of this. “ – comment from AU student by email regarding Ontario student funding advocacy

Thanks for the contest guys! I love all you do for us students.

Comment from AU student on facebook

Just wanted to offer congratulations on the new AUSU site. It has a great new look and feel and seems very user-friendly… Great work to all who were involved in this initiative.” – comment from AU staff member following new website launch

“First of all great job on introducing the podcasts. I listened to them throughout last week and this week and it’s an awesome idea. I feel it definitely connects the students more with AUSU and the council members since we’re all spread across the country and abroad. Second, the updated website is fantabulous! The updated version looks amazing and super easy to navigate. Great job overall.” – comment from AU student by email

Thank you so much to AUSU for planning this event. It’s nice to connect with students since I’m a distance education student, really helped me feel like part of the school community. 

Comment from AU student by email

“Thank you so much for the Lynda.com subscription. I am able to complete professional development for my CPA over the summer months! I especially am pleased to see ethics courses given a new requirement to have 4 hours each three-year reporting period.” – comment from AU student by email

“I just want to send a message of thanks and appreciation for the work you’re doing over at AUSU. The executive team is solid and I feel you’ve been excellent advocates for all AU students. Everyone contributing to your site and outreach opportunities deserves kudos, I see a lot of effort going into that and it’s exactly what many of our students need: connection. Keep hitting it out of the park, AUSU!” – comment from AU staff member by email

AUSU Rocks!

Comment from AU student on facebook

“Your help was instrumental in getting a refund for one of my courses. I cannot thank you enough for that. It was a very stressful situation, and I had seriously considered changing institutions. I’m happy to say that I will remain will AU because of the excellent support I received.” – comment from AU student by email

“I think it’s great that even though I am an online student I have all the same benefits and access as a traditional student. Thank you for including all [of] us online late night around the world in different places and stages of life [to] be able to access education. It’s fantastic!!!” – comment from AU student by email

Thank you for your comments!

If you would like to provide feedback to AUSU, feel free to email us at services@ausu.org.