Reply To: What interests you most about serving on Students’ Council?

Natalia Iwanek

I look forward to being able to acknowledge and address the varied concerns of AU’s unique student demographics and to solve issues.

One of my favourite things about AU is also what makes advocacy a bit different here than at traditional brick and mortar institutions. AU students are found in all geographical areas, throughout Canada and across the globe. They are located in large cities, small towns, and rural or remote areas. They may have accessibility needs and require accommodations. They may prefer physical textbooks over e-texts or vice versa, but they deserve choice. They may be from equity-seeking communities. They may be looking to get into graduate programs and are looking for research opportunities. They may have dependents. They may be working while studying.

What we all have in common is that we want affordable and up-to-date education with accountability.

If re-elected, I most look forward to working toward decreasing systemic barriers to and within post-secondary education and beyond for all students, as well as striving for an undergraduate experience that is affordable, accessible, community-focused, professional-development focused, memorable, and valuable.