Reply To: What interests you most about serving on Students’ Council?

Amber McDuffe

I like to make a difference in people’s lives. When I ran for council in the 2020 by-election students came forward with numerous concerns, I kept note of everything students mentioned and brought it forward in our meetings. Going into every meeting I approached the topics with a mindset that wasn’t “how can this benefit me” but instead “how can this help the student body as a whole” as I feel that mindset is sometimes lost when people step into a political position. I try to look at a situation from multiple angles and think critically about it. Bringing that different view forward can help others to reassess and re-evaluate and I like to be able to provide that thought provoking content to our discussions.

I am most interested in continuing to listen and continuing to be a voice for the concerns of my fellow students. If I am re-elected, my email is always open to students whether you have an idea or resource you think the student union should provide students, have a concern about any aspect of your experience at AU or just want to connect with a fellow student you can contact me at any time. I base my goals in my student advocacy on the feedback from students rather than what I personally want to see.