Reply To: Advocating for students diverse academic challenges.


To advocate for students diverse academic challenges I will ensure that this marginalized group is able to associate with the student affairs supported by AUSU. Diverse academic challenges that are undermined is a significant reason itself to why they need to be taken into account. To advocate is to: identify specific needs, provide efficient and effective resources, and to follow-up with students. As an AUSU counsellor I can effectively advocate the importance of AUSU devoting more time towards reducing diverse academic challenges to enrich educational experiences for all. As a women of color, I can specifically advocate and be the push behind ethnic students who have language, cultural, and social barriers that impact their ability to learn both individually and collectively. I am an advocate for student inclusion and often just a little bit of guidance or direction from a student body or fellow student can help students find their place of belonging in order to help them continue through and make personal achievements.