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      Hello! My name is Allie Wojtaszek and I am excited to be a first time candidate running for AUSU.

      If elected as a new councilor, I plan to put my energy towards creating an optimized learning environment for all students. As we all learn better the less stress we have, this would include advocating to AU for better systems for students who are needing help, increased mental health programing, flexible financial support for life’s unexpected moments, and reducing AU fees whenever possible.

      I’d like to bring my previous experience running a campus food bank to AUSU and find ways for the AUSU Virtual Food Assistance Program to become accessible to ​students with a clear demonstration of need rather than the current lottery type system. I understand that it is currently a pilot program but I am hoping there is some way I can bring my previous experience working with student food banks to help make this program more robust.

      I was disappointed when AU switched to e-texts for most of their courses. My own learning style is not compatible with e-texts and this has created unnecessary challenges to my own success. I believe that students should have the choice to receive e-texts or print textbooks for their fees and will work towards achieving this outcome.

      Before the pandemic occurred, AU learners had opportunities to write tests in environments that were cost free to the student. I want to ensure that as AU moves to a post pandemic reality that there are testing options made available that are not solely reliant on ability to pay.

      Being an AU student offers me the opportunity to finish my academic studies at my own pace while also allowing me to focus on life, family and work. For me, this is the only path to completing a degree I started years ago. Whether we are part time or full time students, we all need our studies to be as attainable as possible. It is with this in mind that I will commit to work within my role to minimize or remove barriers to learning so that our education can continue to be as accessible to us as for future generations of learners. As members of AUSU we can do this by keeping accessibility, equitable opportunity, and lower fees in mind while we advocate to AU on behalf of AU students.

      I would be pleased if you would vote YES for Allie on March 10-14 2022.

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