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      AUSU council will be voting on revised bylaws during the January council meeting to make it more accessible for Athabasca University students to run in the AUSU election. AUSU is proposing these changes now so that students who want to run in the upcoming 2020 AUSU election can do so without worrying about requirements that have been a barrier in the past for otherwise qualified members.

      You can view the proposed new bylaws online here (changes to sections 4.05, 4.07, and 5.02).

      Changing the academic requirement for AUSU councillors

      Currently, to run in the AUSU election, the bylaws state that students are required to have a GPA of 2.0 or higher on their Athabasca University courses. AUSU is proposing to change this to simply require students not be on academic probation with AU. This change will allow more students to consider running for council, while still ensuring that academic success is important for AUSU councillors.

      Changing the course enrollment requirement for AUSU councillors

      Currently, the AUSU bylaws state that councillors must maintain their membership status for 2/3 of the council term year, which means they must be active in an AU course for 8 out of 12 months per year. However, many AU students finish course(s) quickly because a concentrated period of study fits their schedule better, and many are studying part-time. AUSU is proposing to remove the minimum course timeline requirement, while still maintaining that councillors must finish at least one course per council term year. This allows councillors to complete their course(s) on whatever schedule works best for them.

      Feel free to post any questions in the forum or direct them to AUSU at [email protected]. You can also view other opportunities for member consultation on our website here

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